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Meet Eliza, Our Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator

Hi! My name is Eliza.

My role within Good Food Lewisham will involve helping Lewisham to achieve its Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award, primarily by providing a point of contact for food initiatives in Lewisham.

My initial job will be to identify and map the amazing projects and programmes which are already going on in the borough in support of Good Food, as well as help to support and improve existing projects on their way to being compliant with Good Food. From there, I will look at the development of new schemes and programmes.

Alongside this, I will be providing advice and support to groups, organisations and indivuduals across Lewisham in how food is produced, bought and prepared.

If you are involved in a Good Food project, get in touch! My hope is to celebrate and share all of the amazing work being done in Lewisham this year!

I will be working with you, as we join together as a borough, to achieve our Sustainable Food Cities Bronze Award!

Contact me on:

020 8269 4880

for more information on how you can get involved to get Lewisham its Bronze!

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