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The SFC Bronze Award means that, as a borough, we are working collectively to improve our health and levels of sustainability.

An estimated 19,000 parents in Lewisham skip meals so their children can eat

Between 2012 and 2014 almost 20% of the overall population of Lewisham were registered as obese

Only 44% of Lewisham adults meet the recommended 5 a day for fruit and vegetables which is lower than the national average

Of kids aged 15 in Lewisham, only 11.3% have been found to be physically active for at least 1 hour in a 7 day week

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So many amazing food projects are happening in Lewisham right now. Achieving our Bronze Sustainable Food Cities Award is all about highlighting the great work that is going on and recognising the effort being put into Good Food in Lewisham! 

6 Key Areas of Work

Why is Lewisham's Bronze Important?

The Sustainable Food Cities Network is working to tackle food issues UK-wide!


From an epidemic of obesity ... to widespread food poverty ... to reducing food waste.