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Community Skills Sub-Group

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Meeting Minutes, September 2017

Upcoming Meetings


  • Monday 11th December, 10:00 – 12:00 pm
Building Community Knowledge Minutes Sept 17


Community Skills Group

Tuesday 12th September 2017, 10:00am – 12:00pm GCDA, Unit 6, 53 Norman Road, Greenwich, SE10 9QF

Present Jenny Couper (The New Cross Gate Trust), Claire Pritchard (GCDA), Theresa Webb (kitchen Buddy, WDC Food + Project), Daley Sweeting (Lewisham MIND), Fay Williams (GCDA), Lakhvinder Matharu (Public Health Officer), Eliza Stuart (Good Food Lewisham, GCDA)

  1. Introductions:

    Claire Pritchard chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone and all those present introduced themselves.

  2. Role of the group:

    Claire explained the history behind the creation of the group and proposed the role; combining the community skills action areas from the Sustainable Food Cities Action Plan with a sub group bringing together groups delivering healthy eating and physical activity.

    For further information on Sustainable Food Cities

    For more info on Good Food Lewisham – the website is under construction

    Good Food Lewisham facebook GoodFoodLewisham Twitter @Lewisham_p

    Role of group as seen in previous minutes:

    • Collate activity & facilitate mapping of all physical activity and healthy eating programmes across Lewisham to provide mutual understand

    • Support promotion of these activities to the residents of Lewisham via existing and new social media routes

    • To share experience, develop learning and best practice

    • To identify the training and development needs of community organisations delivering programmes and source resources to respond to this

    • Identify opportunities for joint working and developing new areas of work

    • Identify and engage wider partners that would support the work

    Actions from previous meeting

    Has tools and resources to support other growing and HE projects. Action GCDA Be Inspired to host a range of resources for all groups to access. Louise to send to GCDA

    Louise also has foraging maps which we can add to the mapping – need to work out how to do this – could it be linked to the walks programme?

    Actions 12th September

    • These resources will be very useful for the community. Chase Louise for resources to go onto Be Inspired and Good Food Lewisham websites.

    • Other useful resources to go onto these websites, e.g. Healthy Lunchbox Guide by Change4Life:

  3. Actions from previous minutes: Louise, Grow Wild:

    beta/recipes/healthier-lunchboxes#qFlEQideMII1v1Ii.97 as well as minutes from sub group and network meetings.


    AFRIL: Food bank launch:

    AFRIL’s food bank launch is Saturday 16th September, 6-10pm. It has been proposed that Healthy Eating sessions run alongside the food bank.

    Actions 12th September

    • Eliza / Mel to offer HE&PA training to AFRIL at the launch.

    Walking Groups:

    Discussed need to involve community groups in walks and walks leader training, as well as HE and PA training. The next training dates will be on the 4th and 11th of October and will be followed up with a support session a week later.

    Actions 12th September

    • Promote training opportunities to community groups.

    • Lewisham MIND to undertake HE&PA training – Fay to send information to Daley.


    We are still mapping the HE&PA going on across Lewisham.

    Actions 12th September

    • Eliza / Fay to send out email asking community groups to provide information on any long-term programmes they have running including dates, times & location to add to Lewisham mapping.

    • To introduce Parklife Lewisham programme and link into Be Inspired website .

    Fay: Update on Be Inspired: Website.

    • Please email Fay or Claire if you have any updates for the be inspired website or notice anything that needs changing.

      Social Enterprise Training Day.

    • The next full day training day will be on the 29th September 2017 in Forest Hill and is available to any third sector groups or groups with services they would like to promote. A follow-up day will be held in October to help with the development of your social enterprise ideas. For anyone who relies on grants, this is worth coming along to.

    • Action: Please email Fay for more information. Healthy Eating and Physical Activity.

    • Diabetes awareness: Healthwatch are now championing diabetes and are going to be attending our 2 day HE&PA training.

    • We are currently finding that groups are more confident to deliver the healthy eating rather than the physical activity sessions meaning that the physical activity targets are not being met. It is important for community groups to embed this in their work

    • Action: GCDA to make it achievable for community groups to deliver PA sessions and to work round the needs of the group.

    • Action: to send HE&PA training info to Daley, Lewisham MIND. Lewisham Cookery Clubs.

    • Be Inspired physical activity sessions are now being delivered to cookery clubs (Seated yoga), the list of cookery clubs available are listed at the end of this document.

    • Discussed the need for carers to attend cookery clubs with individuals with mental health conditions.

    • Action: If you are unsure on whether an individual should be accompanied to a cookery club, please contact GCDA to ask. Tel. 020 8269 4880 .

      Promotion and Networking.

    • Fay has been / will be attending events to promote the Be Inspired work.

    • On 31st of October, GCDA are holding a networking event.

    • Other events Fay will be attending soon: Change4Life work with schools next week; Lewisham Homes Staff Wellbeing event

    • Action: If you would like to have a presence at the event on the 31st October, please get in touch. We are currently trying to secure a venue - hoping to hear by the end of the week.

      Lewisham Food Businesses.

    • Food Business Training is going to be offered to fast food outlets as a means of encouraging them to take up HCC (Healthier Catering Commitment).

    • Action: To increase the profile of the HCC by talking to people and residents about the programme and increasing awareness.


    • A cohort of Be Inspired community volunteers are going to be recruited by October. Volunteers will be taught key messages about healthy eating (sugar smart, HCC, etc.) Volunteers will get training and expenses and will support the Be Inspired programme. An induction day will be provided for the volunteers where we will discuss further opportunities.

    • The Be Inspired website will host information on volunteering opportunities available in Lewisham.

    • Action: If you have any volunteering opportunities you would like us to promote, please contact Fay, Claire or Eliza.

    • Action: To promote New Cross Trust Gardening Club volunteering opportunities.

    • Action: If community groups would like us to promote them on social media / Twitter, please tag

      @GCDA_UK , @lewisham_p , @BeInspiredLew and we will push your tweets.

    • Action: Claire / Fay to highlight all potential routes for volunteers at training and induction, e.g. OCN.

  4. Introduction of Good Food Lewisham Coordinator:

    • Overview of the role, the current projects and the role of the website and newsletter.

    • Action: Eliza to add NCGTrust Gardening Club promotion and volunteer request to website. Info: Besn Street Community Garden. Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

    • Action: Fay to look into the NCGTrust gardens to be used in conjunction with cookery clubs as well as looking at possibility of physical activity sessions to be held in the community garden - outdoor yoga sessions.

    • Action: Eliza / Gary to look at a news items page for the Be Inspired website.

    • Discussed the wholesale fruit and veg model we are hoping to roll out in Lewisham.

    • Action: Claire and Livia to evaluate model.

    • Discussed the possibility of setting up a Fareshare hub in South Lewisham. This is under review due to unprecedented costs.

    • Action: Claire / Eliza to set up meeting with Rachel to discuss.

    • Discussed the GFL Logo, charter, sugar smart, HCC.

    • Action: Eliza to send out info to community groups to explain what sugar smart is. Get community groups involved. Look at the information and messages used to get people thinking – create figures and statistics to engage people in the reality. Get talking about HCC, Sugar Smart, etc - empower residents to promote change.

    • Action: Eliza to add a section to website: Do you know what impact food is having on our community?

      Jenny, New Cross Gate Trust:

    • Community event Saturday 16th September celebrating everything Dr Zeuss.

    • Gardening clubs – volunteers needed

    • Walking clubs are still going - Mondays

    • Sewing clubs on Mondays - morning and afternoon sessions

    • Action: Jenny to tag GCDA in tweets / social media for increased promotion and awareness.

      Daley, MIND Lewisham:

      • Healthy eating on a budget sessions being run currently

      • Action: Teresa to contact Daley R.E. healthy eating and mental health.


    • Downham Nutrition Partnership – Teresa is representing the DNP at Lewisham Hospital to provide pre and post-natal women with information and recipes on eating a balanced, healthy diet. Recipes are costed out. This has had a good response and they are looking at delivering workshops.

    • Action: Daley and Teresa to be in contact R.E. Mindful mum service.

    • Local gardening community events, Verdant Lane - planting on Saturday 9th in SE6. Jonathon Slater and Councillor Mark ingleby came along and were planting. Subsequent event to be organised for the spring.

    • Action: Teresa to put Eliza in contact with Rosie to do an ‘Inspiring Individual’ article.

    • Future: Teresa has been speaking to Susanna, a councillor in Grove Park to look at training for teenagers to develop their cookery skills. A series of recipes have been proposed and it is to begin next Tuesday.

    • Action: Teresa to feedback to Fay / Claire on how this is received and could it be replicated in other palaces.

    • Teresa is undertaking walks leader training.

      GCDA Updates

    • Kings students doing projects in Merton and Ingleton looking at sponsorship and advertising in areas of high deprivation.

    • Ready meals – hoping to launch at Brockley Market on 30th Sept.

    • Any groups receiving Fareshare produce and struggles to turn it into meals, we have a chef who can work with them.

    • Action: Claire to write up this offer so we can promote to Greenwich and Lewisham.

  5. Dates of future meetings:

11th December 2017 – 10:00 – 12:00 Venues tbc